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Who We Are

IRISH HOMES is comprised of a like-minded team of professionals and partners who share a common set of goals and values. The company was established to address the serious shortfall in the supply of social housing properties in Ireland, in conjunction with the Irish Government’s ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ initiative.


Irish Homes is funded with private capital and aims to provide quality homes for 250 families on the social housing list annually. Irish Homes are proud to be a significant delivery partner, working with the Irish Government and Local Authorities to deliver much needed social housing to solve the current crisis.

What We Do

In essence Irish Homes is helping to reduce the number of households on the social housing list. In partnership with Local Authorities, we firstly source and purchase houses/apartments across the country, which we then refurbished to meet the Irish Government’s rental standards.  These newly refurbished properties are then leased to Local Authorities, who allocate each property to a household on the social housing list.


To make a positive impact on Irish society.


To provide energy-efficient homes for 250 households on the social housing list across Ireland every year.


Responding to Ireland’s housing crisis and societal need for homes, Irish Homes will provide homes for those individuals and households currently without a home and registered on the social housing list. Through the use of ‘pepper potting’, Irish Homes is committed to creating diverse and integrated communities & supporting a wholesome thriving Irish society.


Our vision is to help create a healthy and thriving society within which everyone has a house to call home. To attain this vision, in partnership with the Irish Government we aim to provide energy-efficient homes that will enable and empower individuals and households to thrive.


Solution Focused: we are passionate about making a positive impact on society and we bring a solution focused approach to providing energy efficient, cost saving homes to people in Ireland.

Thriving Society: We value security for individuals and families and the provision of a wholesome environment within which they can thrive.

Synergy: we are a dynamic group of people who are responsive to social challenges & we collaborate with like-minded people to provide homes for households on the social housing list

Passionate: We think long term and work collaboratively and passionately with local authorities and third parties to bring our community focused projects to fruition.

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Ashley is a graduate from the University of Winnipeg in Canada, completing a Bachelor or Arts Degree majoring in Human Rights & Global Studies as well as Conflict Resolution. She has 10+ years of extensive retail experience, 4 of which were in management positions including leading and coaching a team of 15+ for a large, internationally recognized athletic company. Ashley is dedicated to team driven results and has a strong interest in community initiatives.

Ashley Waters

Executive Housing Officer

Robert Nowlan is an experienced Property Advisor & Planning Consultant who provides strategic property and planning advice to Irish Homes in relation to its large National Acquisition Program for Ireland. Robert has extensive experience working with Local Authorities, Approved Housing Bodies, and Charitable Organisations, where he has previously undertaken and managed a large purchase programmes for these organisations. Robert is a Chartered Town Planner, a member of the Irish Planning Institute, a Member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors and The Urban Land Institute of Ireland.

Robert Nowlan

Property & Planning Advisor