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Dublin, Ireland, 18 June 2020 — ESG Ireland is pleased to welcome Irish Homes as a new member of the ESG Ireland community, committed to working towards a more secure future.

Dan Healy, Partner, Irish Homes, said: “We are pleased to become a member of ESG Ireland and we share their sense of purpose. Irish Homes is committed to the integration of ESG in our decision-making frameworks. At our core, we are an impact driven business, established to provide a sustainable solution to Ireland’s housing crisis, one that can meet the needs of all stakeholders.

We help local authorities reduce long social housing lists, in a cost-effective way. Households benefit from high-quality energy efficient homes, at affordable rents. For pension funds and institutional investors grappling with negative yields, investment in social housing offers a very attractive risk-adjusted yield with long-term, inflation-linked cashflows, underpinned by residential real estate.  At the same time, it is an investment that has a hugely positive impact on society and the environment.”

Vincent McCarthy, Founder, ESG Ireland, said: “I am excited to welcome Irish Homes as a new member of ESG Ireland, as we continue to work with a broad range of stakeholders committed to ESG and responsible investing. This is an exciting time to be a part of the Irish Homes journey, a company that is focused on tackling one of Ireland’s most pressing social challenges, the need for high quality social housing built to the highest environmental standards.

One of the core principles which ESG Ireland has been founded on is a commitment to authenticity. We aim to do this by delivering original thought-provoking content and by working with companies and stakeholders who are serious about making a positive impact on society. In my conversations with Dan about the objectives of Irish Homes, I believe we share a genuine enthusiasm to make a difference.” 

About Irish Homes

Irish Homes is comprised of a like-minded team of professionals and partners who share a common set of goals and values. The company was established to address the serious shortfall in the supply of social housing properties in Ireland, in conjunction with the Irish Government’s ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ initiative.

Irish Homes brings a combination of private and institutional capital, along with real estate and financial structuring expertise and aims to provide quality homes for 250 families on the social housing list annually. Irish Homes are proud to be a significant delivery partner, working with the Irish Government and Local Authorities to deliver much needed social housing to solve the current crisis.

About ESG Ireland™

ESG Ireland™ is an independent knowledge centre focused on delivering thought leadership, education and the latest developments on the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into responsible decision-making frameworks, to assist companies, trustees, investors and all stakeholders. ESG Ireland has been established to be part of the solution for a more secure future; we believe the best way to achieve this is through collaboration with all stakeholders, to promote a greater sharing of perspectives.

While the broader theme of sustainability has garnered more attention recently, a big knowledge gap exists around the practical application of ESG and responsible investment among companies. trustees, pension scheme members, investors and other stakeholders. This is something we aim to address. Taking a responsible approach to capital allocation and investing is not about sacrificing returns, it is about delivering more sustainable returns over the long term and in turn securing the future.

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